'LETS DANCE WITH THE AURA' Dipa Chandegra 2005

Improve confidence & self-esteem, flexibility, focus, balance and coordination. Let the little people enjoy life and be creative. Open their intuition, innovation and fantastic leadership qualities.

Yoga for Kids

In this day and age, children have to deal with plenty more than we had to when we were younger. The stress of exams, parents having to work long hours and not having much time for loved ones, as well as what goes on through child growth and development.  

Yoga is a creative art that teaches children self-awareness, calms them down and allows them to focus and concentrate.  A healthy and happy child equals a healthy and happy you.


Yoga teaches children to breathe correctly, trust their intuition, trust themselves and manage daily activities without stress and anxiety.

Yoga and Meditation tend to have a deep influence in young lives these days. With the way they manage and cope with stress and to having a positive outlet to handle their daily tensions, thoughts and feelings.


Meditation teaches our young ones mindfulness and focus to achieve what they desire in life. Connecting to and having knowledge and understanding of the world, each other and their own feelings. Meditation is progressive and provides a sense of calm.

We have a variety of meditation styles – Takarta: staring at a light or candle, closed eyes meditation, open eyed meditation and visualisations. They all have similar benefits, every individual finds a different way to focus, whatever feels comfortable for you.

Class Structure

Each session starts with breath work (allowing air to enter the lungs and body properly so fresh oxygen is absorbed throughout the body) and ends with Yoga Nidra (a meditation focusing on different parts of the body with visualisations). We could change attitudes and allow their world to be positive, full of joy and love through postures, sequences, games, drama, sequencing and movement.

Prices are available upon request for private and group session at your home or at the YogaRei studio.

Length of class usually last from 45mins to 75mins dependant on age range.

Please feel free to contact me for further discussion.