We want to take you on a journey to discover inner peace and we want this to begin from your first treatment. 

All you have to do is have a quick read of the therapy you’re interested in or contact us for more information

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We are passionate about natural healing therapies; we encourage you to take responsibility for your own physical and emotional well-being. Get in tune with you.

All therapists are fully insured and members of health and complementary organisations.

Massage is a hands-on therapy that helps organ and muscle function using a number of techniques that prevent degeneration in tissue and joint overuse and heal painful discomforts, chronic pain, tension and stress.

You can have a full body massage or we can work on specific areas of your body.


Reiki is the laying of hands on the body or in the aura to reduce stress, ease physical ailments and provide clarity and grounding for the individual. Reiki healing can help release unwanted habits and energy blockages to shift and transform yourself into feeling brand new. Reiki promotes, change of life for your highest and greatest good, relaxation and healing. It encourages the body's natural ability to heal.

We can work on specific areas or the full aura / body.

Intuitive Soul Readings

If you are seeking clarity or guidance as to why you have certain patterns throughout your life then this is the therapy for  you. We can clarify, rectify and change the processes of you. Bringing you to balance and transforming your life for a better you. Make conscious decisions and get to the soul of you. Catalysing your energy to bring about change and empowerment that will unleash the power within you.

Distance Healing 

Distance healing is a form of Reiki/ Intuitive/ Theta/ Psychic/ Energy healing that allows the practitioner to heal the patient without you needing to be present for therapy.

The practitioner will channel the ‘universal energy’ to individuals and groups from a distance. It is the same as hands on therapy but you receive it in the comfort of your own home or your desired location. The idea is to take some time for you and relax to receive. After affects can result in changing of thought patterns and processing of information, shifting of energy blocks, how you perceive the world and general changes to your mind, body and spirit in a positive light.

Yoga & Meditation
Yoga is the ‘union’ of the mind, body with the self. Through the practice of meditative structured asanas (postures), controlled breathing techniques and mindfulness you can achieve harmony, balance and a synchronisation of the mind and body for good health and relaxation along with a positive mental attitude. Yoga can assist in suppleness of the body and long term weight loss - which mean it can be rapid but will stay off, the body becomes used to reduced weight and food intake changes according to your lifestyle.

Yoga for kids
Classes are tailored for children specifically and are available for toddlers to teenagers. Yoga for kids teaches mindfulness, develops your child’s confidence and creativity to enhance balance, control and communication. Art / creative therapy is also used in children's workshops for the same reasons, to bring children together and get them to be mindful of each other as well as heighten their awareness of their social surroundings and physical world.

Therapies in Schools

Guide the children of today to learn to use their intuition and open out their creativity. Assist in enhancing positive, confident, focused, calm, trusting and secure children. Empower them for their highest and greatest good and allow them the opportunity to develop life long learning skills.

Therapies in the Workplace

Build a better work force by treating them to well being days or corporate massage. Make them feel valued, increase productivity, reduce stress and tension. Create a focussed and alert team environment. An employer that helps with physical care is also helping with the emotional well being of the team.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are psychic / auric wheels that work alongside the whole of the spinal column. There are seven main chakras in the body. They function as the unseen expression of subtle energies and what we vibrate out to the world, how we are perceived and how we perceive and feel inside of ourselves. When they are not in balance we feel like things are going wrong or percept life in a negative way, this can effect the emotions and physical body. Lets aim to rebalance your Chakras.

We can focus on one Chakra at a time or deliver a general healing. Depends on you as an individual.

Psychic Readings

Working with my feelings and your feeling and a strong intuition I can read into where you are going in life and offer some clarity on options for guidance. Come and talk to me.

Courses and workshops 

We offer a range of bespoke courses and workshops, including:

  • Reiki Level I & II & Master (face to face, group and distant attunements)
  • Soul empowerment 
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Hip opening
  • Core strengthening
  • Chakra re-alignment and meditation workshops
  • Creative Intuitive therapy / art workshops
  • Positive empowerment and soul realignment workshops
  • Manifestation and abundance workshops
  • Workshops for women’s health and yoga
  • Therapies in Schools
  • Therapies in the Workplace
  • Day retreats just for you