Realign your psychic centres. Balance your emotions, get attuned with yourself and meditate with your Chakras, open your heart to manifest all that you desire in your life, appreciate life and receive abundance and prosperity. Change your life for a better you - mentally, emotionally and physically.

What is Chakra Healing?

What are Chakras?

 ‘CHAKRA’ is a Sanskrit word meaning wheels, they connect to our psychic/etheric/auric bodies and they work with the physical, mental and emotional states of the body. We have many Chakras within our body, there are seven main chakras, aligning from the base of the spine and ending at the top centre of the skull. The location of the Chakras in the physical body connects them to certain glands and organs.

Chakras allow the universal energy to connect each individual to the ‘divine source and your higher self’, this connection with the higher self expands your intuition and so heightens your awareness of surroundings and interaction with people.

Function of Chakras

The balanced state of the Chakra spins naturally and has a flowing movement, it can be described as "Water flowing from the top of a mountain, meandering through the rivers and streams. If it malfunctions, a change of state occurs in this flow, it can reduce, flow in reverse or complete blockage. If completely blocked it can cause an excessive or stagnant build up creating a negative redirected flow within the body. This redirection will flow, feed and accumulate negative messages to the physical body which in turn will start feeding negative messages to the mental body, leading to your emotions being imbalanced. When the flow is being blocked it can cause a vicious negative cycle, mentally, emotionally and eventually physically."

What does a balanced Chakra feel like?

Calm, peaceful, less or no anxiety and balanced. Life feels lighter and everything is in flow. 

Chances are good that you can handle stressful situations pretty well.

If your energy is positive, the energy will flow evenly from the top of your head to your feet with ease.

I look forward to working with you, empowering you for your highest and best intentions and changing your world for the better. Minimum session time is 60 mins.

Miss MassaRei (translated ‘the light worker’)

Dipa Chandegra

Offering Distant and Psychic healings and readings. Practitioner of 15 years.

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