Convenient non-contact therapy

What is distance healing?

Distance healing works with space and time and has a healing effect on the recipient. It can be done over the phone, Skype or at an agreed time between the practitioner and client. We work with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the recipients, therefore it can be accessed anywhere, in any space or any time, its a moment.

Distance healing can be used for:

  • Relationships                              
  • Easing physical ailments                                  
  • Weight reduction
  • Learning difficulties, bi-polar, emotional behavioural difficulties                                                 
  • Clears Chakras, realign and balances them                     
  • Positively energised and recharged
  • Abundance, prosperity and manifestation                                             
  • Cleanse the Aura                                  
  • House Clearings
  • Fears, depression, nervousness and anxiety                             
  • Pre/post pregnancy and labour healing/ operations - major and minor               
  • Shift thought patterns
  • Insomnia                                                 
  • Energy blockages in the mind, body and aura             
  • Quit bad habits

And many more reasons why this healing is fantastic....talk to me, get in touch,  I can and will help you, with the gift I have and the grace of 'Source' our divine light.

I believe all healing comes from the same universal source, regardless of names and brands, as long as it’s from the true place of Universal unconditional Love. I have done some amazing work with clients. Please feel free to read my testimonials. This type of therapy saves travel time and money, as well as allowing you to be comfortable in your home with a non-contact based therapy and so straight after or during the session you can relax or even fall asleep.

Consent from the client for the healing is vital as the practitioner will direct energy into your personal space. Therefore acknowledgement and awareness that the healing is coming is a great and effective bond.

Sessions last up to 60mins, more time can be allocated when discussed at consultation.