Be it SEN or the overall general well-being of the children in your school. Complimentary therapies calms anxiety, enhance the attention span, creating focus and developing the child’s concentration, creating positive, trusting relationships and building a greater heightened awareness of the senses and their surrounding environment.

'Make learning fun and therapy a positive reward.'  Dipa Chandegra 2003

Massage and Reiki in schools and education  

Many educational institutions and organisations are incorporating therapy for the younger generations for a better quality of life.

I have been working with special needs children for over 12 years now and have grown as a person and developed  a wealth of experience relating to children in and out of schools, mainly working with children diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, challenging behaviour, emotional behavioural disorders and counselling for the general well being, spirit and soul (pastoral care and support) of the individuals'. I have integrated Meditation techniques (self awareness, awareness of others, empathy and managing their own behaviour). I have used Massage to allow children to understand touch can be relaxing, calm the brain down, help them to express themselves, communicate and it is sensory yet safe. Reiki plays a crucial part of my daily routine with the young. It releases deep embedded emotions in children and they are so very receptive to this universal healing you can see improvement in their all round consciousness. The effects are tremendous; non-verbal children gradually expressing their voice and speech, with of course perseverance and continuous prompting, these children are now confident and enjoying education, classrooms are peaceful and generally more productive.

Children are fully clothed and permission from the child's' parents is requested, they absolutely love Thai yoga massage and deep tissue, once they understand touch is positive, relaxing and of benefit for them; they engage and build a relationship with people in general in a calmer and less anxious way. It also allows them to communicate with the therapist at the time of receiving the therapy and this way they get one to one counselling which is of an added value benefit for their education and life purpose.

I am happy to work in groups or individually to assess children and their needs. Together we can work towards successful and confident children who have the basic tools of life which allow them to integrate in our world with ease. They learn to value themselves and think before reacting for their highest and greatest good.

I have assessed my work with autistic children and found the benefits to be remarkable, they absolutely love reiki; it calms them down, assists with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder; ADHD, anxiety, general learning difficulties, emotional behavioral disorders, adaptability to surroundings, confidence, trusting in oneself, speech, focus and concentration.

Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Mindfulness in schools

Incorporating breath work and meditation techniques, calm groups of 30 children or more. The postures are taught using imagination, sequences, dances and transitions, music, drama and singing. All of these intertwined together help to develop confident children that can manage their own thoughts and cope with daily stresses. You will notice calmer, focused and highly productive children after several sessions.

Mindfulness teaches children how to be aware of themselves and those around them, how to listen to yourself and make choices that benefit you in the long run. Opening your world to more than meeting the eye.

Yoga Nidra or Deep yogic sleep meditation changes the subconscious and conscious mind processes through selective speech to realign the mind and the body. Fantastic results with Yoga Nidra. 

Creative art therapy in schools

Working on art projects, sessions can run from a term to a year.

Themes of work to express children and their personality. Letting them be intuitive, innovative and allowing them to explore themselves using their inner guides, which avoids confusion which can cause inner conflict in children. Through art, dancing, drama, yoga and team games we can infuse goal setting, team playing (group work), communication and goal achievement. Making children feel confident and good about themselves, they can understand the process of achievement and the successes which can be shared if they can utilise these skills in every day life, education and work. 'Its a skill for life.' 

Bring out Joy and confidence in your children. Allow them some freedom of thought.

It allows them to reach their full potential and creates excellent relationships with their peers and teachers. Feel the difference and see the difference for yourselves.

Trial sessions vary in price dependent on class size.

Discounted daily rate and specifically focused group rates available.

After school classes available for adults and students.

Get in touch. I am happy to discuss further.