Dipa has been my therapist for 9 years now. She has given me therapy throughout all of my pregnancies, before and after as well. She is amazing. Whenever I call her over, I always say ‘I need your magic hands’ and even that puts a smile on my face.
— Anonymous, Sloane Square 2006
She has healed me, my children and always is in touch when she tunes into me. “Always asking if I am alright and its always at the right time. She has messages to pass over to me. She is a great massage therapist, great psychic/ intuitive reader. Although I am always travelling in and out of the country, thanks to IT she is never too far.
— Private Client, Essex 2008
Dipa always speaks from the heart and with passion, She is highly empowering and you do always end up saying ‘she was right.’ Her energy is fantastic and full of love, care and nurturing.
— Anonymous, SE London 2010
Whenever she leaves a school it’s really hard to replace her. Especially for all the good work she has done with and for the children. Therapy classes, free healing and massage. Calming even the most anxious of students.
— Specialist in autism unit, East Finchley 2011
Therapy starts even before she arrives, it’s not just a massage, it’s always free healing. It’s a pleasure every time she comes over, my husband and I have someone beautiful to look forward to meeting and conversing with. I will never change my therapist. I’m so happy.
— Client, Notting Hill 2012
Her Reiki and Massage is amazing, she really goes deep into your mind and body. Really relaxing you. I felt revived when I left. Days later I could feel the effects. Regular sessions has really made me open my eyes and see life with a different light.
— Shreya Patel, W London 2012
Yoga Nidra is absolutely amazing, setting the intention and over the weeks watching it unfold and manifest before you was a great experience. ‘The Deep Yogic sleep’ it’s like being awake and asleep at the same time. It’s taught me about the power within me.
— Anonymous 2013
Teachers and students are drawn to Dipa, WE LOVE how she makes learning fun and exciting and creative. Even when I am stressed out, she calms me down. I have learnt a lot from her. When she works one to one with children and gives them special relaxing therapy – ‘yoga nidra’ she calls it, I have noticed those children evolve creatively and intuitively. They are more focussed and their work is filled with love and passion, every child is engaged in their own special way. Behaviours and attitudes change, some immediately and some over time. Its brilliant work Dipa. Keep it up and see you soon.
— School teacher 2014
I was recently diagnosed with cancer and was feeling very awful. I found Dipa online and she offered me several sessions of distant healing. I felt positive and calmer as the process went on. She guided me to understand myself better, giving me peace of mind, relieving my anxiety and shock from my results. I felt empowered and happier, which i know contributed to my healing process. She used the psychic healing to alleviates my pain, suffering and dissolve the cancerous tumour in my neck. I could feel the energy working through my body. The doctors were amazed at my remarkable recovery. 2 months it took.
— J, cancer patient, Hayes 2014
I am a teacher and have had a challenging class this year. Dipa has supported a child in my class and the class as a whole for 5 months. She as able to use many strategies to manage challenging behaviour. These methods included; gentle head and shoulder massage; a form of meditation which allowed the child to visualise and focus their thinking; self calming strategies which allowed children to manage their own behaviour. I strongly believe the calming therapy Dipa used made a positive and significant difference to the childrens progress and behaviour in a short space of time.
— Teacher 2014
I was referred to Dipa for Reiki therapy for relaxation and stress. Having only 3 sessions - 2 reiki sessions and one yoga nidra session. I felt calmer, positive and remembered everything Dipa said to my to change my thought process through my yoga nidra session. Doctors were amazed at my recovery. I woke up from anaesthetic and was quoting all i remembered from my therapy sessions. They could not believe how I was reacting after the treatment I had undergone. She has changed my life and the life of my family in such a short space of time. The cancer was removed gracefully, i felt better for it. She is brilliant and I would recommend her to all. I did not believe in such treatment before I met her. But am ever so grateful she came into my life.
— Hip Replacement and Breast Cancer Patient, Kingsbury 2014

Thank you for my wonderful reading... At first I didn't believe in this but was so amazed with the reading. Dipa you were spot on, on many things and the reiki was out of this world!!!! Even reiki wasn't to sure about but after receiving this I have become stronger and have become more positive. Would reccomend both on a regular basis to anyone. Dipa meeting you was like meeting a very close friend I felt so welcomed and you were just so great can not thank you enough for making me believe in myself xx

- Dee, NW London 2014

Dipa is an insightful,  intuitive, lady  who clearly has  a gift for guiding people on their paths. Together with this, Dipa helps direct people  when they are unsure of which road to take next.  Rest assured, a reading with Dipa will leave you having gained insight,  direction and most importantly clarity on whatever it is that you are seeking direction with.  Go for it = she is without doubt a truly enlightened Lady!
Namaste xx

- Lucy Holroyd, Brighton and Richmond 2014

Thank you so much for having the time and trust in me. It was today that I felt I had to find out about this 'Light' that apparently I'm supposed to be experiencing, and that's when I contacted you. You were absolutely wonderful and performed beyond the expected. I felt the anxiety rise in me when you started your work; but this settled down after a few minutes. And when you were opening up my chakras there was definitely a feeling of movement from my abdomen, and for a moment I could see the light streaming down into me. At the end while I spoke to you, I was walking around and could feel the lightness in my right leg. I deeply appreciate all your work and I look forward to working with you some more.

Auma, Elephant and Castle Jan 2015