Get to know the real you. Remove confusion from your life, gain more clarity and make focussed conscious decisions. Find out what challenges your health, whether it’s the past, the present or the future in general, love, career and money. Get to the Soul of you and together let’s make it all better in the now.

What is an intuitive reading?

An Intuitive reading is similar to a session with a coach or mentor. I call it spiritual counselling or life coaching. It involves a lot of processing, releasing and transforming of energy blocks which exist within and around you mentally, emotionally and physically. Re-programme your mind and body on a Soul, Genetic, Core and History level. Learn about yourself and your soul, be inspired, let me motivate you and set your goals and intentions.

How does it work?

I mentor you and empower you from consultation through to counselling therapy to reveal what the patterns are that you cannot observe and what we can do to change the process. This guides you to eliminate certain behaviours and thought patterns in your way of living and attract new ways of joy and abundance. Together we re-programme these patterns, how you think, feel and are as a being, we will be changing them from within, you will be going deep inside yourself. As well as internally the progression will definitely be noticed externally.

My readings come from what I can feel in your energy field at the time, through conversation and your voice vibration, face and eye readings, which I believe relate to the soul, perception and intuition. I can feel the fears and I can empower individuals to change them, deep reflection and intense soul level work is at play here. Bringing you insight into the things you pay little attention to, which are valuable to what is happening to you in the ‘now’ as well as what has happened in the ‘past’ and what can happen for your ‘future.’

Benefits of Intuitive readings and Theta Healing

Aligning yourself with today, the present, the now and how we can overcome the blocks and bring peace into your world allowing you to move forward positively. The reading will restore well-being and offer answers that bring you guidance and clarity.  You will become confident, trusting, loving, compassionate and empowered.

Your Chakras will be in flow and your eyes will be open.

Sessions usually last about an hour unless you require a day retreat which includes a massage, reiki, counselling and reading.