Living and Loving Inner Joy

Inner Joy allows us to feel complete from within. It is not when we seek material objects to keep us happy. People are aware of joy, but most don't feel it deep within. Let's take shopping for example:  there are some people that feel the need to constantly buy items for themselves, only to find immediate satisfaction. A few days this satisfaction disappears meaning our souls are not satisfied. Because we are seeking to replace the emotion of inner satisfaction and inner joy with a temporary illusion, filling the space with a quick fix.  What we should be doing is listening to our intuition and learning to understand our behaviours, only then can we distinguish what will deeply satisfy us and what is temporary.

Can you remember the last time you laughed heartily, from your soul? How did you feel? What was the feeling before you started laughing? This is what you really seek and you are fixing with temporary solutions. If you find your inner joy, you will  learn to love life in a more fulfilling way.