Recharge your mind and body. Be and feel at One.

Yoga practice improves strength, flexibility, balance and mental well being... a little something for you to get energised in the morning, unwind in the evening. Love yourself and care for you.

YogaRei have trained with The Yoga People in 2011 Asthanga Vinyasa 200hr (TT) and Pregnancy yoga pre and post natal 100hrs (TT).

Yoga style
We devise our classes with styles from various schools of Yoga and with a combination of intuitive flow. This works on the basis of following your heart with your mind in order to feel the benefits, as well as working with your ‘chi’ energy. Classes depend on you as an individual and what you seek to achieve and the energy you bring with you to each practice.

LETS DANCE WITH THE AURA' Dipa Chandegra 2005

Improve confidence & self-esteem, flexibility, focus, balance and coordination. Let the little people enjoy life and be creative. Open their intuition, innovation and fantastic leadership qualities.

Yoga for Kids

In this day and age, children have to deal with plenty more than we had to when we were younger. The stress of exams, parents having to work long hours and not having much time for loved ones, as well as what goes on through child growth and development.  

Yoga is a creative art that teaches children self-awareness, calms them down and allows them to focus and concentrate.  A healthy and happy child equals a healthy and happy you.

Classes last from 45 minutes - 60 minutes dependant on age range. 


Yoga teaches us to breathe correctly, trust their intuition, trust themselves and manage daily activities without stress and anxiety.

Yoga and Meditation tend to have a deep influence in young lives these days. With the way they manage and cope with stress and to having a positive outlet to handle their daily tensions, thoughts and feelings.


Meditation teaches us mindfulness and focus to achieve what they desire in life. Connecting to and having knowledge and understanding of the world, each other and our own feelings. Meditation is progressive and provides a sense of calm.

We have a variety of meditation styles – Takarta: staring at a light or candle, closed eyes meditation, open eyed meditation and visualisations. They all have similar benefits, every individual finds a different way to focus, whatever feels comfortable for you.

Yoga class structure

We start with intention and goal setting, before we move on to some meditation to clear the mind and prepare to focus on oneself. The warm up of the body is then followed by a sequence of poses, pranayama (breath work - allowing air to enter the lungs and body properly so fresh oxygen is absorbed throughout the body)  and ending with the delightful Savasana (Corpse Pose). This structure may vary for each practice as we tailor for our students and are open to change. As yoga practitioners we are constantly evolving in our practice and like to share new findings with our students to develop their yogic journey.

Yoga Nidra

A very deep and relaxing meditation lasting approximately 60 minutes. It’s a change in thought process and rejuvenation. A deep ‘yogic sleep’ powerful shifts occurring when the conscious and subconscious intertwine with each other. It’s a form of lucid dreaming and the yogi is can reach their highest state of consciousness, exploring the subconscious mind. Definitely a practice that reduces tension and anxiety that also changes the speed of the brainwaves and untangles old unwanted habits. You can reprogram your mind and retrain the brain, activate your cells and DNA, unwind deep held beliefs, myths connected to yourself, a delightful "lightness of being" with Yoga Nidra. You must try a few sessions of ‘yoga nidra’ join me on the journey of a lifetime. Enhancing and changing your life for the better.

Sessions and workshops
YogaRei creates specialised classes focussing on:

  • meditation/ yoga nidra (deep yogic sleep)
  • female only workshops
  • male only workshops
  • hip opening postures
  • shoulders and neck strengthening
  • alignment and activating Chakras
  • yoga breathing
  • yoga for weight reduction and toning
  • anatomy and Physiology of yoga
  • meditation and bandha workshops.

MassaRei wishes to bring love and light into your life.

We can tailor to your needs specifically. MassaRei teaches one to one and small group yoga for home visits, if you host in your home your session will be discounted.

Current classes are being held at MassaRei Studio and hosted in individuals’ homes.